Salisbury, NC

New Year, New Look!
Happy New Year!

We did it! We survived 2020... barley! It has been such a rough year for everyone, including small businesses but I am so grateful to have my amazing clients to keep my business running during these uncertain times. This year is full of sadness, grief, uncertainty but also hope and I was able to use my talent to capture moments in life that become memories and to some, moments they will never get back. 

I decided after a lot of planning and over-thinking, that I wanted to re-vamp my brand, I wanted to go into this year new and fresh. I didn't change my photography name, i'm still quite fond of my name but instead I changed my look, and my overall brand colors. My goals and philosophy are still the same but as I continue learning and advancing in my skills I feel that I needed a brand that matched me. 

Light, Elegant, Timeless

I hope these three words come to your mind when you look at the images I capture. I love the natural sunlight and use it often in all types of photography but I make it a point to get my clients out during the golden hour, the dreamy lighting really sets my images apart and I love manipulating light to create magical images for my clients! 

Why did I choose my colors?
Blues and Greens have forever been my favorite hues, I really began to notice how much those hues shined in my photography. Blues are cool and fresh feeling, where as the Greens are placed with nature and happiness. I finished my brand colors with a crisp grey to tie it all together. 

Whats next?
Well, with the new look comes new possibilities so I will be adding some new features for easy gallery viewing, quick send outs of contracts and emails, and I have already launched my Text List. If you are on the Text List you will be notified of everything FIRST before it is publicly posted!
Interested in joining the  Text List.. send a "ADD ME" to 704-450-1668. 

Leave a comment about the new look and let me know what you think! 

Ready.... Here we go!

January 2, 2021

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